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  • Kids & Teens – Here at SmileCo we think a bright smile and a healthy mouth is something every child should grow up with so why not start the process of at a young age.  Having healthy teeth and gums is important no matter what age you are. Beside twice a day teeth cleaning at home, a trip to SmileCo is pivotal in making sure there are no underlying issues in your children’s mouth.  Children have soft teeth so depending on their individual needs the frequency of visits may vary, we recommend at least 6 monthly check ups. However, all of this can be discussed with your dentist who will provide you specific advice.The main reason why we recommend 6 monthly visits is a preventative measure. These checkups make sure the is no decay, gum disease or tooth decay. Your teeth are with you for life and as a result being on the front foot with your oral health no matter the age is important.